ISAE-SUPAERO Master's programme

ISAE-SUPAERO offers a Master of Science in "Aerospace Engineering", accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education.
It succeeds to MSc "Aerospace mechanics and avionics” and the MSc "Aeronautical and Space Systems”
Moreover, ENSMA (ISAE Group) offers a Master of Science in "Aeronautical Mechanics and Energetics".

ISAE master's programme is designed for students looking for a high-level programme in Aerospace Engineering and holding a bachelor's degree or French "licence" in science and engineering.


The MSc in Aerospace Engineering ISAE-SUPAERO keeps the best of the MSc AMA and the MSc AESS. This program will offer students more opportunities for specialization and customization of training (see brochure for details) :
- a strong multi-disciplinary common core in engineering, management and foreign languages,
- 2 tracks in semester 1 giving access to 6 different majors,
- a one-year part-time research project in semesters 2 and 3,
- 19 electives in semester 2 covering the main fields of aerospace engineering,
- 6 majors in semester 3 in line with the needs of aeronautical and space industry and research ,
- 5 optional programs before the master thesis,
- a one-semester master thesis performed either in industry or in a laboratory

The ENSMA (ISAE Group) MSc